Dated to Roman times, it is rooted in European “fede rings,” that took their name from the Italian word mani at fede (“palms [joined] in faith” or “palms [joined] in devotion “).

When I went to have my ring sized, I was worried it would take a while and that I was only going to be in Tulsa for one day. Gemstones can of course be put in a variety of settings, and may be categorized as a lone rock or grouped with other stone. This means that there are no outrageous markups about diamonds, They shot my ring from a 5.5 to a 4.5 and had it ready for me the next day and were extremely pleasant to take care of. Here are just two unique ideas we both especially like: You are in fact getting your merchandise directly from the base of the diamond and jewelry reduction series. We plan on buying wedding rings from there also. His and hers birthstones: A ring that features yours and your girlfriend’s birthstones is a romantic way to express the feeling that you were born to be together.1

Nobody can give you the costs that we could. Quite beneficial and my ring is so unique! Two peas in a pod: A great ring for those who feel that they ‘ve seen their other half.

We can beat any quote or price. Fantastic place to obtain your rings! Fantastic value and WAY more bling for your $. From Peapod Jewelry. Wholesale Diamonds in Florida. My fiance bought my engagement ring from here and I was astonished at the quality job and will cherish my ring for eternity. :-RRB- 4. You’ve come to the greatest site for purchasing the top diamonds south Florida offers in the absolute best prices that are below wholesale diamonds! Israel Diamond is a superb place to purchase jewelry and rings. The identifying Claddagh ring is a classic Irish ring that’s full of history and symbolism.

Our diamond stock ‘s prices could be tailored to fit anyone’s budget.1 Their rates are more than equal to other people and they’re prepared to work with you to an extent in relation to cost. Dated to Roman times, it is rooted in European “fede rings,” that took their name from the Italian word mani at fede (“palms [joined] in faith” or “palms [joined] in devotion “). Our variety of diamonds include the following reductions: round diamonds, princess cut diamonds, and cushion cut diamonds, oval diamonds, radiant diamonds, emerald diamonds, pear shaped diamonds, marquise diamonds, and diamonds. I’m very happy with Israel Diamond and would strongly recommend them to anyone.

The ring features two hands, a heart, and a crown — symbolizing friendship, love, and devotion, respectively. Our goal is to find the highest quality diamond for you without pushing you out of your price range.1 My fianc and I were overwhelmed when looking at circles and they were very beneficial. The clasped hands represent the pledging of vows, and Claddagh rings were used as engagement and wedding bands during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Let us teach you.

Additionally, I fell in love with a ring from there so that I was thrilled when my fianc surprised me with it when he proposed. They continue to be an appropriate choice for this purpose today — especially for a lass with Irish tradition. We have our diamond specialists on site that and they will instruct on you how diamonds are cut and priced according to quality, colour, clarity, and market value, Etc..

Fabulous! They gave my husband a SMOKIN deal on the ring. You can blend the Claddagh with a gemstone, like a ruby. Testimonials.1 They have the lowest deals in the city and great quality. Traditionally, the ring is worn out to the woman’s left hand with the point of the heart facing out when she is engaged, then turned around to be confronting her when she is married. Diamond Plaza Florida is an wonderful shop!

You cannot go wrong with them – centric client service, higher excellent jewelry, very good ratio Quality/Price and honesty. They treat you well once you’ve bought jewellery there. It’s also normal for the expressions “This is my heart that I devote for you crowned with my love,” and “Let love and friendship reign,” to be connected with the ring, so don’t hesitate to bust those out with gusto when you propose with a Claddagh. Love my new diamond earrings! Will be buying again soon!

The customer support is amazing and they’re so easy to use and not pushy in any way! 5.1 The ring I purches out of Diamond Plaza Florida seems amazing – My fiancee claims it’s the nicest ring she’s ever seen. Fantastic selection and will order in special requests.

Family Heirloom. She was thrilled with the ring! I’ll happily recommend you guys to all of my friends and coworkers. My fiance bought my engagement ring and if it was time we went back to get the wedding rings.

Who knows. . .maybe Grammie’s got an antique 5-carat sapphire ring stashed in her jewelry box. You really made the entire process stress-free. Fantastic service great rates for great quality! She’d be delighted to offer it to you because you’re finally ready to “Quit waiting and ask that nice Jennie to wed you already! ” All the best! They have the highest quality and best price in the city!

We are definitely deal shoppers and let me tell you that this is one heck of a deal.1 Before you plunk down some serious cash for a diamond ring or some of these other options, consult your relatives to see whether there are some heirlooms waiting to be passed . Engagement Rings. I want to thank you and your entire staff for the amazing job that they have done in selling me a slice of family history in the making. Not only does this choice save you some serious cash, but bits with history are much more meaningful and significant. Diamond Plaza Florida is your best shop and VIP showroom for engagement rings, wedding rings, and promise rings together with the best prices and quality. Lori, the sales person called and explained it to my wife and I about a question that we had about the ring.

A diamond ring which ‘s been in the family for generations becomes a lot more particular than one bought at Jared.1 Our relations in the wholesale diamond industry helps us get you the best deals on all types of diamonds for South Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Aventura, Hollywood, Davie, Dania shore, Plantation, Pembroke Pines, Weston, Boca Raton, Sunny isles, Golden shore, North Miami, Bal Harbour, Delray beach, and much more) engagement rings. This ring is a special bit for us.

My mother-in-law gave me a diamond ring that had belonged to her grandmother to give to Kate when I proposed. Simply tell us the kind of diamond and engagement ring setting that you desire. Recently we had our house broken into and all my wife’s jewellery except for the main diamond part of her wedding band and a necklace that our son gave her before he died a couple of years ago was taken. It fit perfectly, and she loved it and wouldn’t have desired anything else.1

If you’re looking for the best deals on engagement rings then visit our engagement rings section. It just so happens that we will soon be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year and she deserves a gorgeous ring. If the size or design of an heirloom ring isn’t suitable for your girlfriend, you can make it re-sized, or you could eliminate the gemstone and put it to a new atmosphere. Custom Diamond Jewelry. She has been there for the loss of our only son, the raising of our children and the raising of a special needs child and I can not envision anyone except to spend my life with. In case you’re really suave, you don’t require a diamond or any of those choices. We provide many services in Diamond Plaza Florida such as custom diamond jewelry, custom diamonds, wedding rings, and promise engagement rings.1

Your team has went over and beyond anything that I expected from a jewellery shop. Just a stogie. “This ‘s a smoke ring, dollface. ” We sell loose diamonds that are custom cut – site at wholesale prices. We flew around at quite a few stores before we came to your shop and no one compared. We have thousands of custom design settings to select from.

5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Your Engagement Ring Online. Thanks again to your staff and yourself for doing such great customer services. We will provide you with the very informative, enlightening and cost effective experience you have ever had.

As wedding sites and programs have changed the way you plan a wedding, internet jewelry retailers are completely changing the experience of buying engagement rings. Wonderful quality and service!1 Create Your Own Ring. Gone will be the days when you would visit one or two jewelry stores and stress about not being able to locate the right one. My marriage was 3 years ago (4/27/13) and that I probably should have reviewed Israel before now, but that I was only telling someone where we got my ring and thought I need to review. Custom Diamond Jewelry. Now, your options look limitless as you flip in your computer, pull up a seat, and hunt for an engagement ring worthy of being exploited for a lifetime.

First, let me say that my husband spent a very long time looking for the perfect diamond with the help of staff in Israel. Diamondplazaflorida.com is a diamond and Jewelry wholesaler and we have on-site diamond specialists with more then 20 years of experience.

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