A potential Revueltosaurus-including animal is obtainable about Wolfville Creation (Carnian; Sues & Olsen, 2015 ) away from Nova Scotia

A potential Revueltosaurus-including animal is obtainable about Wolfville Creation (Carnian; Sues & Olsen, 2015 ) away from Nova Scotia

6.2.step 3 Almost every other Revueltosaurus-instance taxa

Originally regarded an ornithischian dinosaur (Galton, 1983 ), Irmis, Parker, ainsi que al. ( 2007 ) contended one NSM 004 Girlfriend , a great rear percentage of a left maxilla that have much of a good enamel from inside the an enthusiastic alveolus, shares a good amount of reputation states with Roentgen. callenderi in dental care and maxillary morphology plus a strong ridge along side ventral margin of your own antorbital fossa, new well-establish buccal emargination of one’s enamel row within the ventral check, and a beneficial denticled enamel top lacking an excellent basal asymmetrical swelling (Irmis, Parker, http://www.datingranking.net/tr/asiandate-inceleme/ ainsi que al., 2007 ). An enthusiastic ilium throughout the Wolfville Creation (NSM 012 Gf ) is really like Roentgen. callenderi inside which have an prior process of the brand new iliac knife you to will not offer anteriorly beyond the anterior the amount of pubic peduncle and also an over-all, circular dorsal margin into iliac knife. It element plus aids the presence of good Revueltosaurus-such as for instance taxon about formation (Sues & Olsen, 2015 ).

six.step three Biostratigraphic occurrences and effects

Roentgen. callenderi has only been recorded regarding a couple components, the kind area on the Bull Canyon Formation (Dockum Classification) from eastern New Mexico (Take a look, 1989 ; Hunt mais aussi al., 2005 ) in addition to Chinle Formation during the Petrified Forest National Park (Padian, 1990 ; Beuhler mais aussi al., 2001 ; Parker et al., 2005 ; Atchley et al., 2013 ; Shape 1b). During the latter location, in advance of looking coupon specimens of the taxon in the uppermost Blue Mesa Affiliate and you may middle Sonsela Member, Roentgen. callenderi try thought to occur in a small stratigraphic assortment inside the the low-middle Petrified Tree Representative (Beuhler ainsi que al., 2001 ; Seem, 2001 ; Parker & ) debated that Roentgen. callenderi is actually regarding biochronological electric. In both this new Mexican particular locality and you will Coated Wasteland localities in northern PEFO, R. callenderi cooccurs toward aetosaur T. coccinarum and you will mystriosuchine (= pseudopalatine) leptosuchomorph phytosaurs, taxa which were utilized because the index taxa on Revueltian holochronozone (Lucas & Appear, 1993 ; ) contended one to once the at the PEFO R. callenderi is receive just into the a specific facies (blue paleosols) in the a single stratigraphic level (just over the Coated Wasteland step three Sandstone), why these occurrences don’t depict the real stratigraphic variety of the fresh new taxon and you will instead reflected an upkeep prejudice. Then findings off R. callenderi topic from the Owl Rock Affiliate (Gordon et al., 2020 ; Whatley ainsi que al., 2013 ) and Sonsela Associate (Atchley et al., 2013 ) helps so it theory, and they the specimens reveal that at the very least within PEFO, this new stratigraphic range of Roentgen. callenderi stretches to the underlying Adamanian holochronozone. Its lack of Roentgen. callenderi within almost every other penecontemporaneous websites on the American Southwestern try puzzling, like considering exactly how plentiful it is on sites in which it starts. Including, this new vertebrate assemblage of your Petrified Forest Associate from the Ghost Farm inside northern Brand new Mexico is geographically intermediate within type of locality out-of R. callenderi and you may PEFO, offers the fresh visibility various Revueltian list taxa (Irmis, Nesbitt, ainsi que al., 2007 ; Whiteside mais aussi al., 2015 ), and has accurate years restrictions that demonstrate they overlaps eventually for the straight down Petrified Forest Associate in the PEFO (Irmis et al., 2011 ; Rasmussen mais aussi al., 2020 ). There’s no apparent taphonomic reasons why that it well-sampled and you will varied assemblage ought not to maintain Revueltosaurus, because include many techniques from short-bodied drepanosaurs so you can large-bodied phytosaurs and aetosaurs. Likewise, it’s interested you to definitely R. callenderi wasn’t found at other Bull Canyon Development websites or in similar strata during the western Colorado (age.g., Lehman & Chatterjee, 2005 ; ).

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