Whenever drinking water predominates, issuing from its solitary cavity, it disseminates serenity, love, generosity, determination, quietness, or any other allied virtues

Whenever drinking water predominates, issuing from its solitary cavity, it disseminates serenity, love, generosity, determination, quietness, or any other allied virtues

Among the many Karen and Burmese the fresh new gut was stored becoming this new chair of your own interests in addition to problems, different moods and you will physical criteria are associated with the current presence of wind (“k’ li”), flames (“me”), otherwise drinking water (“paw leh”). The brand new parents believe one fifteen hundred cavities about gut have piece of cake, a dozen contain flames, plus one include h2o. When flame is within the ascendancy, you’re incited to jealousy, malice, hatred, and you may revenge. The different features was intermingled inside the an individual’s character equal in porportion so you can the fresh new mingling of your own numerous issues.[26-9]

New urine of a single gender is often given since an effective liniment having persons of one’s opposite sex

Many appeal donned by both Karen in addition to Burmese are intended to prevent wind away from wearing this new ascendancy in the newest abdomen. One of such as for example appeal is chain from dried fruit of particular plant life, chain away from gold coins that happen to be blown through to, and you will gnarled cables which were wear the brand new person because of the elders otherwise prophets.

One thing remains to be told you concerning the”k’ thi thras” or “medicine-instructors,” whom material medication off individuals sources and you may plants with which they habit a sort of medical lore, and their occult rites. You can rest assured but which they see the medicinal action regarding particular vegetation. They will often suggest a particular forest into review you to its departs are great for fever or any other complaint. To my requst for some medications a Karen doc provided me with one hundred of those. Dr. Wade possess obtained more forty pages regarding medical formulae of numerous groups, included in this several of genuine well worth. Dr. Mason says title out-of a tiny creeping bush (Hydrocotyle asiatica) which, if applied as a good escort service Newark poultice over the years, will stop, whether or not it will not dump, leprosy.[26-10] Exactly how many of these Karen medications is from Burmese, Shan, otherwise Talign resource I can’t say. I’ve been advised a few times that Karen which nonetheless stay in its ancient criteria, depend wholly into the magic and you may offerings to take care of diseases. My personal observance guides me to believe that the employment of drug develops, since the anyone started a little more about toward contact with most other races.

The Karen believe that scents have reasonable effect on the new muscles, for both good and also for sick. There can be hardly anything you to an effective Karen otherwise, in fact, an effective Burman worries a whole lot when he does scent out of cooking fat (“ta neu xo”). They feel that smell for some reason goes into the body, especially if there is certainly a scratch of your skin, and causes all types of troubles, actually sudden passing. To stop pressing this smelling, it usuall perform people frying that can be called for out-of-gates, and hold their hands over its noses to keep off the dread danger. To have curative objectives smelling-salts try prominent one of each other Karens and you will Burmans, after they are available in bazaar. Certain medicines have asafoetida or other smelly-smell ingredients, which are believed to possess a direct influence on the new paitent. Bitter and you will acrid-sampling medicines are when you look at the higher like.

The newest frequency regarding piece of cake over the other aspects provides pride, ambition, avarice, worst wishes, and hilarity

Except that including cures the fresh new Karen “medicine-teachers” make use of disgusting concbur, the hair on your head and snatch of certain animals, tigers’ and you may leopards’s whiskers, specific parts of person corpses, one’s body hair of human beings, dung of the many classes, the scrapings regarding charred finishes from bamboos included in sharp corpses for the funeral pyre, an such like. Listed here is a medicines taken from the latest Karen Thesaurus, in which it is referred to as “a grand febrifuge”: “Do the umbilical cable reduce of a different-born boy, the fresh undigested kernels on the dung out-of a puppy, light and you may yellow onions, ginge and you can black pepper inside the equivalent number; merge thoroughly to make to your pills the dimensions of the conclusion of little finger; serving, one after the other to be taken into the warm water.”[26-11]

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